Royal Mail and Tmall Reach New Agreement


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The collaboration of Tmall Global and Royal Mail is going to be seeing some exciting changes in a few weeks. Royal Mail has announced that they will be offering even more products on the Chinese e-commerce platform. These new products are being offered from The Cambridge Satchel Company, Linwoods (a healthcare brand), and Works with Water (a natural skincare company).

When Royal Mail started with Tmall Global, they found that this made it much easier for British retailers to enter into the Chinese market, without the challenges that often faced other companies when trying to accomplish this. In fact, Royal Mail stated:

“[This is] an accelerated opportunity to access the China market.”

This news comes at a time when Chinese consumers are valuing authenticity in the products they purchase online. With all the debates that have been occurring about counterfeit goods being purchased online, the collaborating with new companies with Royal Mail, is one way that customers can rest assure the products they are getting are the real thing.

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The head of Tmall Europe, Janet Wang, stated:

“Alibaba Group is focused on increasing access to the Chinese consumer for businesses of all sizes in the UK and around the world.”

Due to the collaborating that is being seen, more consumers are gaining access to the British Pavilion on Tmall, allowing them to get access to these authentic goods that are being made in countries from the United Kingdom. For these stores, the exposure to the Chinese market is ensuring they are getting a global hold onto the business market. They have already developed some loyal Chinese shoppers with their experience on Tmall.


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