How to run a SMART client event? Come join us


To inspire local marketers, we will run our inaugural SMART INSIGHT POWER HOUR event next month.  It is free event which will provide an incredible value for those who attend.   It is designed to introduce new thinking and insight on the challenge of branding in China, while providing a bespoke mini-ideation session to put the new knowledge ‘into practise’.


Begin your morning with the power of SMART at Resonance’s new office.

The session will be hosted and facilitated by Jerry Clode, the Director of Resonance China’s SMART.   Jerry first arrived in China in 1994, and since has established himself as a compelling voice on China and her consumers.  Below is Jerry’s introduction to SMART INSIGHT POWER HOUR.

RSVP to to become part of the event.
Once a RSVP group has been confirmed, we will organise a sessions/session convenient for everyone.   We look forward to hosting you at our new offices on Jumen Road.

A note from Jerry, your host for the SMART INSIGHT POWER HOUR

As you may be aware, or sense, I have been away from China for around six years – a time where I took on a global role in London and then launched my own charity-based agency in Brazil.  But also as you know – China drew me back, and it is fate I am here, with a new sense of life and perspective.


Since being back in the post modern wonder that is Shanghai, my superpowers have been reactivated by the sheer intensity of change and energy locally.  My duty as a superhero has also been perked by a sense that strong insight on this vital market is still limited, and needing someone for stand up and create a new solution.

As part of these observations, I have been inspired to, alongside Resonance founder Rand Han, create SMART – a leading-edge suite of research, strategy and naming approaches aimed at ensuring brands ‘get it right’ in China.


I am keen to share my observations on return, so have decided to launch the SMART INSIGHT POWER HOUR – a session which I promise will change the way that you approach China, and leave you with a sense of how to ‘put it into practice’.

It is designed for both newcomers and older hands to the market, and will even ‘ruffle the feathers’ of most established and senior local marketers.


SMART INSIGHT POWER HOUR (probably be 90 mins in total) – will be held at Resonance China’s new lovely offices, in space that will spark your ideas. If you have enjoyed a session with me before, you will know, I like to decorate the room, so you enter the world of the consumer 😉

  1. The first part – I will introduce key cultural movements, perspectives and trends that I believe are impacting China – consumers and categories.
  2. The second part – Then a unique ideation environment where we discuss how this is impacting how brands should be engaging local consumers.
  3. The third part – We slap each other on the back, and have some breakfast croissants or a few drinks (depending on whether it is in the morning or eventing).

BUT FIRST DEMOCRACY –  Please RSVP your attendance, once we have a confirmed number, we will schedule the timing of the event so it works for everyone!

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