Online Shopping Trend: Secret Garden Coloring Books for Adults


Secret GardenChina’s adults have discovered a new passion on the internet. This time it is the art of colouring-in line drawings. Johanna Basford’s Secret Garden: An Inky Treasure Hunt and Colouring Book is making it big time. This is not surprising given that a million copies have sold in 14 languages. “I bought the book for my kid, but it turns out I am the one addicted to it,” a mother told the media.

Secret Garden is Not for Children

“This [secret garden book]is not designed for children,” an online shopping manager added. “Children don’t have the concentration and patience needed to finish such a book.” Wu Lei only discovered how well it was selling when he investigated why orders for his 90-piece colour pencil set had rocketed.

A Significant Day for Online Shopping

Before the advent of internet and mobile people, especially in rural areas followed simpler, pleasurable pastimes in which they cultivated their creativity. For a moment, the World Wide Web came down to humanity’s level, and gave back the individuality it took away in the form of an invitation to a Secret Garden.

Psychologists and sociologists think that colouring-in books bring peace of mind and tap latent creativity. “By simply filling in the colours, I feel as fulfilled as if I had sculpted the Venus de Milo,” one budding artist wrote in a review. “I am bad at drawing but I feel so confident after using the book … however, it is a huge project. It has taken me a whole afternoon to complete one third of a page of my Secret Garden.”

Social Media and Secret Gardening

Social pages helped the Secret Garden rise to prominence as artists posted their creations and friends praised them. A social scientist has commented that this adds to the sense of achievement, and attracts others to try their hand. That is all for today. I have another job to do. I am off to my Secret Garden to colour it in.

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