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Sephora or Jingding mall is getting more publicity this week as they are announcing a new store front coming to their online mall. Sephora is set to open their own flagship store via the company’s website in hopes of reaching even more of the Chinese market.

So why is Sephora now opening an online store via For many people, the question is why the company decided to go with Jingding, rather than the competition. The main reason according to Anne Veronique Bruel, the president of Sephora Asia, is the way in which prevents counterfeit sales.

Sephora is a very popular makeup brand that is counterfeited extensively due to its reputation. It is the hopes of Sephora to avoid having counterfeit products on the market in China since they are working with

Other highlights of the storefront include the fact that this will be the biggest cosmetic store front for to have included in their online market. Normally, Sephora does not utilize online e-commerce sites for getting their product to the consumer. However, Sephora saw the need to change their methods when dealing with China.

According to the latest rumors, Sephora will use their online platform to release exclusive products that may not yet be available in stores. However, the company is still schedules to open more stores in China, particularly in smaller cities.

200 new stores in China by the end of the year, according to Helen Zhou, VP of marketing and e-commerce, Sephora

About Sephora

Sephora was originally founded in France in 1970. The personal label deals with skincare, color, fragrance, haircare, smile care and body products. Within France, Sephora is a highly desired label and one of the leading cosmetic companies in the country.

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