Sina Weibo to Take Off in 2016



Social media is huge in China, and there are several social media channels that are looking to make China their home, and to ensure that they are the most popular in the market. Recent news has been all about how Alibaba has purchased Youki Todou, often referred to as the YouTube of China. However, this has meant that not everyone has been paying attention to Sina Weibo.

Who is Sina?

Sina Weibo has one of the best marketing platforms out there. For those businesses looking to find social media that is going to help them, then this is the platform to pay attention to it. In fact, it is considered one of the hottest social media sites for 2016.  The company is selling advertising space to businesses in order to help them to become more successful and to reach a wider demographic of users.

Sina, which was once referred to as Sina Weibo, are actually two separate companies now. The two split earlier in 2014. However, Sina does still contain majority ownership of Weibo, making the two still intertwined with one another.

Why Sina is the Go to Social Media Source

There are more than 500 million people who have accounts with Sina or Weibo. This is a huge number of consumers that business could potentially be selling their products and services to. In addition, to being a great advertising tool. Sina also offers a few things that other social media sties cannot. This includes corporate email services, and a gaming portal for users to access popular online games. The combination is what makes this the go to source for social media in China.

One of the worries that many businesses has is that once they are active on a particular social media channel that the channel will be banned by the Chinese government. However, Sina Weibo is a Chinese social media that was started in China and thrives in China. This makes the site much less likely to be shut down. IN addition, they abide by the government rules and have several rules for self-regulation in place for themselves and its users.

If you are a business owner looking for the next big social marketing move, then joining up with Sina is going to be it.

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