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Chinese internet prospects have persuaded the nation’s largest clotheswasher manufacturer Rong Chang to give them a spin, and launch an Uber-style pay-as-you go pick-up-laundry service it calls Edaixi. This is great news for high-end working couples who do not have time to drive around looking for parking, and end up queuing during business hours.

This is a bold step forward from equipping and training laundry franchises. The company made its move to the Chinese internet after concluding the business was too asset intensive, and the supply chain too long to manage the customer interface effectively. “I am not willing to see Rong Chang end up being an e-commerce company that takes no responsibility for service quality,” Zhang Rongyao, the creator of Edaixi told Shanghai Daily.

How the Chinese Internet Laundry Works

Zhang has chosen to share the Chinese internet app with the best laundry service in each community, after checking their processes and equipment are eco-friendly. Pickup and deliverers are generally female in the fifty to seventy-year age group. “Most of them are retired, but this earns them money and gives them exercise. Their faces are familiar to users and they are friendly and safe,” Zhang explains. His system is clearly working with 100,000 orders pouring in daily through the Chinese internet.

Confusion about Monday’s Chinese Internet Interruption

In other breaking news the China government denied it had a finger on the button on Monday last, when Chinese internet users hoping to access U.S. news agencies ended up being misdirected. The link to Facebook caused speculation this might be official interference. Not us, says the National Computer Network Emergency Response Technical Team Coordination Centre that monitors China’s internet safety. It blames the problem on malware from overseas servers.

The incident had users ending up on the doorsteps of a Windows app provider and one very lucky affiliate travel provider. It is yet another challenge that Chinese internet surfers have to face, when leaving China’s cyber space and reaching out to the west for exciting new experiences.

Chinese Internet Entrepreneurs Taking the Gap

Chinese InternetAs Chinese internet apps like Edaixi continue to proliferate, it becomes clear that Asian initiative is more than capable of taking up the slack left behind by Facebook and Twitter when they turned their backs on the world’s second-largest economy.

Zhang’s customer-complaint factor is a mere 0.1%, and with a bag of laundry costing just 99 Yuan (US$16.20) everybody is clearly a winner.

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