Social Media Debates Freezing Eggs

Egg storage for IVF

Egg storage for IVF

Social media in China has always been a great companion for businesses, as they can use this to reach the consumer market on the latest products or deals that they are offering. However, social media is also used as a method to speak out against new policies, rules and other issues that may be debatable. The latest social media debate revolves around the new ban on single women freezing their eggs. The ban also states that certain situations have to be met in order for a married woman to freeze her eggs.

Despite what most people do not realize, this is not a new ban. The reason that this is catching attention now is due to Xu Jinglei, an actress, who visited the United States in order to freeze her eggs. Jinglei who is 41 years old, stated that she had her eggs frozen in the United States during 2013, as she thought she may want a family later in life.

This topic was ran by CCTV, talking about how the procedure had many risks of women getting their eggs frozen, and that the ban was for good reason and was in accordance with the family planning procedures set out in China. It was this report that began the social media frenzy.

There were around 33,000 comments that were seen on CCTV’s Weibo account, along with 11 million views for hashtags related to the subject matter. One user wrote:

“We don’t even have control over our own ovaries anymore!”

This comes at a time when online sperm donation has been happening, in record numbers. Due to this, many women are questioning why sperm donation is not as regulated as freezing eggs. One citizen wrote:

“Its meaning is that unmarried women don’t have the right to reproduce.”

The debate is one that is sure to continue on social media sites for many weeks to come, as this is a hotly debated content. However, the Chinese government has stressed that this ban is not meant to curb women’s rights, it is simply meant to combat the health risks that are associated with freezing eggs, as well as combating the black market for human eggs.

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