Social Media Marketing for Chinese Businesses


social media marketing

Business success in China is going to be dependent upon the marketing campaign that your business has in place. A vital part of this marketing campaign should be a social media marketing approach. Social media is quickly becoming the go to route for information about a special event that is happening, more information about a company, as well as how many Chinese consumers gain their information about the business before opting to use their services or buy their products. Not only is this route helping with gaining attention, it can also prove as a valuable source for learning more about those consumers who are loyal to your business.

Learn more about Chinese consumers and their social habits here

How to Use Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing can be used in a variety of ways, cindluing:

  • Providing promotions for events and seminars that your business may be having through the use of hashtags, linking to social media and blogs, and allowing you to connect with others users from other social media channels.
  • Marketing via email to potential and current customers is a common occurrence in business. However integrating this email marketing with social media can lead to even more success with this format.
  • Social media can prove beneficial in helping with SEO throughout your website and with anything that you post online.
  • Videos that your business publishes are easily found by those who troll the video websites, however, sharing this through social media can open up your video platform to even more potential and current customers.
  • Knowing who your customer is and what they want, is vital to success. Social media can allow you to connect to customers on a one on one basis, allowing you to hear their comments, whether they be good or bad, and how to correct problems that could be driving away your customers.

Why You Should Be Integrating your Social Media into your Marketing Plan

There are several reasons why businesses are integrating their social media profiles and platforms into their marketing plan. However, it really boils down to success in the market in which your business belongs. Social media allows for a better connection to your customers, resulting in a better understanding of what they do want. This type of insight is going to allow you to deliver what the customer wants, in turn making your business more successful.

Social media marketing is by far not a new concept, but it is one that businesses need to take seriously and integrate as soon as possible. Otherwise, they could be losing out on valuable customers and insight into their market.

The infographic below, courtesy of Sales Force of Canada, showcases just how social media marketing can change your business forever.

social media marketing

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