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Kunming Airlines

Social media is running rampant over the latest outrage that is being seen in China. Recently, a private Weibo account posted a picture that has started the commotion. This picture was of a flight attendant who had been placed into the luggage compartment of the plane. It has many people questioning the behavior of the entire airline. But, there is also more to this story that what most people realize.

Social Acceptance

According to social media, the flight stewardess was not really forced, as many people are putting this. However, she was doing this as a way to be accepted by her fellow workers. It seems that forcing new flight attendants into the luggage rack on the plane is a tradition. In this case, the security officers lifted the attendant and put her into the luggage rack. According to the security officers who were involved with this debacle, this is a tradition that they have been doing for the past four to five years.

The photo that has sparked the outrage was posted via a personal Weibo account. The photo was this published onto WeChat via an account called “Civil Aviation Tabloid”.

flight attendant


flight attendant 2

Publicity for Kunming Airlines

Though publicity is something that every brand wants, Kunming Airlines, the airline in which the attendant was pictured in, is not enjoying their ten minutes of fame. For many, the picture signified bullying in the workplace. For others, it was nothing more than reckless behavior and made the customer consider if they truly felt comfortable in flying with the airline again.

However, Kunming Airlines is handling the situation with grace. The company has made a statement stating:

“The company attaches high importance to the incident and will prevent such things from happening again.”

In addition, a spokesperson for the airline has stated that this act is one that is seen within other foreign airlines as well. It is viewed as initiation of sorts into the airline family. The airline has noted that this incident happened after the crew had finished their flights, thus there was no chance that this would have interfered with their ability to provide a safe and happy flight.

However, the damage may be done for Kunming Airlines. Their brand image is suffering thanks to the posts that have been made via social media. However, there is time to turn this back around. Only time will tell if the airline was able to catch this social media issue before it grew out of control.


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