Sperm Clinics Working with Social Media to Raise Hype


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Social media in China is an ever evolving tool that companies utilize in an effort to reach even more consumers. There seems to be no end as to how far companies will go when it comes to social media, as is being proved by the latest news from Chinese social media.

The newest trend that is being seen in social media throughout China are sperm banks offering men the chance to purchase the new iPhone 6 that is set to be released in China. An ad from Shanghai Sperm Bank is already making its rounds on Twitter, showcasing just what types of ads are being seen within social media. The ad is below:

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Not only are these companies trying to get more men to donate sperm, but it is also working in the favor of Apple as well. The hype over the iPhone 6 that is meant to be released on September 25th, is something that most people are well aware of.  The IPhone 6S is meant to retail in China for around US $1,000. Many sperm donation clinics are offering around US $900 for sperm, meaning that they are serious about being able to afford a new phone with donation.

Mixed Results from Consumers

The problem with this social media campaign that several companies have undergone is that it is not appreciated by all consumers. Sina Weibo performed a poll of its users to find out if they though the type of advertisement by Shanghai Sperm was effective or plain obnoxious. The results were surprising. Around 20% of users found this type of advertisement to be distasteful. However, 27% of users were onboard with donating as soon as possible. Though many consumers may not appreciate the advertisement, it would seem that Shanghai Sperm is getting results with this method.

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