Starbucks reminds Chinese youth “home is where the heart is” – New Campaign


While everyone in China is scheduling where to celebrate the soon coming Mid-Autumn Festival on September 15th this year, Starbucks provided the best destination for Chinese young people – reminding them that the best experiences can be enjoyed at home.

The Mid-Autumn Festival is a traditional Chinese family reunion day between early September to early October when the moon is full and bright. On that day, Chinese people traditionally  to go back home and share moon cakes with family members. However, this year, an increasing number of young Chinese will forgo the family reunions, and holiday in other destinations.

Therefore, Starbucks reimagined the homecoming from a youth perspective, presenting their parents and home as the “top destination” – with the best ‘service’, ‘staff’, ‘dishes’ and ‘experience’.  A clever, but respectful, way to remind young millennials that home really is their best “destination option”.

Starbucks’ emotive video to encourage family reunions

The story rolls out in a Starbucks café, where the daughter just bought Starbucks mooncakes for her parents back home and then sits to discuss with her friend on the phone where to travel this time. Soon her mom sends her Mid-Autumn wishes, along with a short video. In the video, the mom knows about her plan and recommends her a ‘good place’ to go.160901_Starbucks Mid Autumn Festival_1

Her mom shows her around like a guide – a comfortable living room with no crowds, sweet bedroom with a soft bed, and a tidy yard with a Laurel tree (a Mid-Autumn Festival tree) full of memories, which is also the best location to enjoy the full moon. Her mom also introduces her to the ‘chef’ who is cooking Hong Shao Rou (braised pork), and it turns out to be her father. He has practiced this dish for more than ten times and he also prepared her favorite Starbucks mooncake to welcome her on Mid-Autumn Day. Of course, for her, and every other young people, the best place is always home with parents.160901_Starbucks Mid Autumn Festival_3160901_Starbucks Mid Autumn Festival_4

Now let’s check out the video.

Why it is a successful campaign

Starbucks shared this touching movie on its WeChat account and other video platforms, such as Iqiyi and Tencent Video. The WeChat post featured with the video received more than 100,000 page views, and the video has been played for about 3.5 million times.

Many consumers commented on WeChat to say they definitely will accompany their parents during the holiday. Through the touching moments between parents and child in the video, Starbucks strengthened the need for family bond on that special day. As a bridge to connect the special attachment, the leading coffee brand also forged a deeper relationshiop with the local consumers.The Starbucks moon cake, with no doubt, will be the most welcomed gift for Chinese parents.

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