Startups in China: Where to Find Information


Startups in China

Startups in China are quickly beginning to dominate the market. Why is this? China is viewed as a great startup economy, as there is a high number of consumers who are interested in products that are considered high quality. This is why there is such a movement by Chinese consumers to purchase goods that are from particular areas around the globe. People are interested in purchasing the best, and the e-commerce world has helped consumers to get their hands on whatever they may desire.

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Evaluating Startups in China

Despite the number of consumers who are interested in the latest startups and companies that are out there, it should be noted that the startup economy in China is not going to be easy to navigate. Thankfully, the China Startup Pulse podcast is available for those who are interested in what the current start of the startup economy of China is.

This podcast was designed to look at the startup ecosystem of China, and see what has changed, and to ultimately bring a better understanding to those who are considering jumping into the Chinese market. The podcast was founded by Ryan Shuken and Todd Embley, who are also the hosts for these series. Production is by Qi Liu.

Learning from the Podcast

What many people wonder is how this podcast is going to help them with learning more about startups in China. Consider their first podcast with their guest Phillip Beck. The podcast examines:

  • Does China have the entrepreneurial spirit?
  • How would you define the startup culture in China?
  • What lessons can Beck teach others who are starting?

Beck has 15 years of experience in the Chinese market, thus is providing some invaluable lessons to those who listen.

Other lessons that can be learned from this startup podcast is how to utilize social media as a way to break into the market, what strategies work on social media, and the challenges that businesses are going to have with utilizing Chinese social media.

The content via these podcasts is always changing, as the way in which Chinese startups are coming to the market are changing.

Startups in China: Why the Success?

So why are so many companies having a success with starting up their brand in China? There are several reasons, but mostly we can contribute this success to the Chinese consumers. As mentioned beforehand, Chinese consumers want products that are of high quality. However, Chinese consumers also want choices, which has allowed many companies to enter into the market in an effort to see if they have what consumers are wanting.

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For consumers, staying on top of the startups in China that are coming forth is a great way to ensure you know where the next big product or service is going to be. For other businesses, knowing what competition you may be facing can help you to prepare your business outline to reflect these changes. China is an ever changing economy that is welcoming more and more competition, startups are easily becoming the fastest growing sector in their economy.

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