Subscription Messages Ads vs. Moments Ads


There are 2 different ways to advertise on WeChat through Tencent’s public services: Subscription Messages Ads & Moments Ads. We here analyze these two options, how they are displayed, and their placement regulations.

A. Subscription Messages Ads
Subscription Messages Ads are the advertisements showing at the content bottom of subscription account’s posts. Public accounts looking for Subscription Messages Ads need to fit either the following 2 criteria:

1. Brands looking to purchase Subscriptions Messages Ads require a verified public account.

After completing verification, public account’s profile will add “Type” with a yellow check (see below, left). Clicking in “Type”, users can see details of this account’s registration information (see below, right) such as corporate name, license number, etc.


screenshots of McDonald’s WeChat profile (left) and verification information (right).

Brands need to be aware that this verification costs 300rmb (regardless of success or failure) and needs to be renew every year.

2. Brands looking to display Subscriptions Messages Ads require to have more than 100k followers.

The huge difference from western social media is that WeChat allow public accounts to agree on having ad display in their messages (see below). In fact, accounts with ad display are getting paid based on the popularity and engagement generated.

wechat subscription ad

Subscription Messages Ads from a popular gossip WeChat public account- shenyebagua818

B. Moments Ads
Tencent launched this service for brands to display their sponsored posts on their target. There are around 25 brands participating in the first testing campaign. Brands can target via users’ age, location, interest, gender, device and phone carrier.


examples of BMW China’s (left) and Coca Cola’s (right) Moments Ads

Cost: the minimum price is 200,000rmb and varies.

  • CPM (cost per thousand views) for non-specific location: 40rmb
  • CPM for users located in other 35 first and second tier cites: 90rmb
  • CPM for users living in Beijing and Shanghai: 140rmb

Here are 3 facts for brands to more efficiently reach their target audiences

  • One Moments Ads only lasts for 7 days
  • Each WeChat user only sees one Moments Ads within every 48 hours
  • No interaction for 6 hours, Moments Ads will disappear automatically in the user’s Moments

Overall, Moment Ads tend to be a better choice for well known brands with visually attractive products such as Coca Cola and BMW. For small and medium companies, or startup companies focusing on reaching more readers and gaining more awareness, other advertising channels such as KOL, WeChat banner ads, and Subscription Messages Ads maybe a better choice.

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