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For those businesses who utilize Weibo as their method of reaching consumers via social media, they will find that the newest development is going to help them become even more dominant in their chosen field. Socialbakers is allowing more business to have control over their content via Weibo, and to utilize their image to reach more consumers. This is very much the same as what Facebook has done in the United States for businesses who are online via their platform, and it has generated a lot of success for these businesses. Socialbakers is hoping to copy this success for Chinese businesses.

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About Socialbakers

Socialbakers is a way for companies to have a third party monitoring their success on social media. With this new data, the company can make arrangements to change their tactics or to do something that is a bit out of the ordinary in order to see more response from their social media following. Socialbakers has been working in the industry for over 500 clients, located across 100 countries, and have over 8 million profiles that they analyze for clients. These profiles are including on Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+, VK and the like. Thus, businesses can rest assure that they are getting a company who knows how to make social media markets work for the business.

How this will Work with Weibo Accounts

The tool has already launched this past June, and already there are over 200,000 businesses who are utilizing this tool. The tool is available for free to those who are verified account owners for their Weibo account. Those who want to go further, can purchase reports from the company in order to see more insights if they so wish. Right now, those who have a verified enterprise account via Weibo, can get a 30 day trial of the paid version of the New Data Center offered via Socialbakers.

Once a person is registered via the Weibo account for their business, they are going to see several benefits to using this tool:

  1. See who their followers are, such as what is the average age, gender and location of followers
  2. See who their top followers are and what types of content they are sharing with the world
  3. Obtain content analysis for industry profiles
  4. Look at the insights of the posts of others to see what works in your field
  5. Look at advanced data that ranges from the past week, month or the past three months

They hope to be adding an ad performance monitoring option to the plan as well, which could be great for those who want to see just how their investments into marketing are paying off.

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One of the Co-Founders of Socialbakers and the current Chairman, Jan Rezab, stated:

“Modern marketing requires data-backed decisions and an analytical approach. Now, marketers can bring that approach to Weibo, where they’ll be able to use data insights to take informed action.”

Social media is becoming the method for many companies to meet their intended target. In fact, the Vice President of Weibo, Bryan Cheng stated:

“In recent years, a growing number of companies have moved from traditional media such as television and newspapers to social media platforms to reach consumers. Weibo has always been the first choice for business.”

For businesses who are utilizing Weibo, then the new change is sure to be one that is going to help render results. If nothing more, it can bring great insight into what you are doing right and what you may need improvement on.

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