Taobao and Uber Join Forces for Marketing Campaign


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A new marketing campaign by Alibaba for their Taobao marketplace, also helped to give Uber some more publicity. During the weekend, minibuses operated by Uber were taking the city by storm. Those who saw the minibuses were encouraged to ride around on one of these, but were in for a surprise once they got onto the bus.

In order to try to correct the presumption about Taobao amid all the product quality issues that the company has been facing, Alibaba poured these minibuses full of wardrobes that could be found on Taobao for purchase. Those who were Uber app users, were able to get onto the buses for free.

What is interested about this marketing campaign was that those who tried on these clothes were able to keep the clothes for free, as a thanks for trying out the roving dressing room. IN total, there were three buses being driven around that were about 300 square feet each. The buses were traveling in southern Guangdong, Chengdu, and Hangzhou.

According to a spokesperson for the company:

“Taobao will see how customers respond to the mobile dressing rooms before deciding whether to roll out the program out on a bigger scale.”

Taobao has been having a few issues with the quality of their goods, mainly about their counterfeit goods policy. Many people are claiming that the site does nothing to ensure that counterfeit goods are not being sold on their site. In addition, there has been a lot of turmoil concerning how Taobao is not cracking down on companies who are not delivering quality products to the consumer.

Uber is also feeling the pain from a few bad decisions. Mainly when they have five drivers arrested after being raided by police in Hong Kong. The drivers were arrested due to not having the right insurance and permits, and accepting bribes from undercover police officers.

The two companies had hoped that this new venture would show that both companies are putting forth an effort to ensure that consumers are happy and that they are abiding by all rules. Whether not this will work, time will only tell.

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