Taobao invites you “upstairs” at 10 at night – New Campaign


Recently, China’s leading C2C site, Taobao, used a mobile version-only video series to create a deeper connection with its younger consumers. This campaign created a unique approach by introducing the idea of a secret “second floor” that young netizens could access only on Wednesday and Thursday nights, at 10 pm – a time when they are still alive online.

More interestingly, compared to previous promotion methods, like using WeChat, Weibo or physical posters to draw consumers to the site, this time, Taobao used its’ homepage as the multilevelled world to get consumers interested. How did Taobao do it?  Check out the campaign. .

Animated homepage on the launch day

Taobao changed the whole homepage of its mobile app on 10th of August, the first day of the video campaign.  Since the video is only renewed and released at night, the campaign was named One Thousand and One Nights.


Come to visit the second floor of Taobao at 10 pm, every Wednesday and Thursday night.

Taobao created a virtual second-floor and encouraged consumers to ‘go through the portal’ at this special time. The virtual second-floor idea created curiosity around the campaign. In the above screenshots, a screen will present a scenario (such as a classroom) and ask “Do you want to go upstairs?”.  Once upstair, they will gain access to the featured video for that particular Wednesday or Thursday time slot – creating a ‘in the know’ behaviour for young netizens who are still up at at this time.  Each week,  different video greets users when they take the decision to ‘go upstairs’.


The first video on 10th of August, a story about  typical Qingdao cuisine, Bayu dumplings.

This video campaign is focussed on different and unique cuisines in China. Instead of focusing on the product, this time, it concentrates on the story around the specific product or food.

It is an innovative move from Taobao, as part of a complete overhaul of their mobile app. Delicately targeting at those young mobile-addicts, who are usually active at night time. Additionally, both the creation of the virtual second floor and the videos themselves add more mystery and excitement to the campaign. Here is the first clip of the campaign video, let’s get a taste of Taobao’s second floor.:)

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Cherry Han is a Consumer Research Specialist at Resonance. Graduating from Newcastle University, with a Masters degree in Media and Public Relations, she has more recently set her sights to deciphering the behavior of Chinese netizens – particularly her fellow post-90s.

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