The Apple iPhone takes the World and China by Storm



Despite the troubles that Apple may be facing in China, the new iPhone 6S is steadily becoming a top seller for the company throughout the world. The below graph showcases just how great the sales have been throughout the world.
Infographic: The iPhone 6s Is off to a Flying Start | Statista

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This year, thanks to the involvement in china, the iPhone 6S has seen around 13 million buys throughout the globe. So why is China being given credit for the amazing turn around on this product?

In previous years, Apple did not release their new phones to China until they had already been on the market for quite some time, usually a few weeks to a month. Many professionals indicated they believed that adding China into the mix for selling the new phone would add around 4 million units to Apple’s total sales, and it seems that they were not far from the market.

According to Tim Cook, the CEO for Apple:

“Sales of iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus have been phenomenal, blowing past any previous first weekend sales results in Apple’s history.”

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Apple in China

Though Apple has been having some issues in China, namely the apps that people have been downloading that are found to be unsafe, it would seem that consumers are still interested in getting the latest technology. So the idea of Apple losing their credibility in China is one that most people are not believing, however, only time will tell. If the new devices are going to be safer, chances are Apple will have saved themselves from a massive roadblock that could have cost them their market dominance in China.

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