The Future of Mobile Gaming in China


China prides itself on being one of the leading countries when it comes to mobiles. That is why many are finding it hard to believe that mobile gaming in China is dramatically slowing down, given the number of mobile users in China.  According to BI Intelligence, the decline of the mobile world of gaming in China has been seen during the first half of 2015, at an almost 50% rate of decline.

Even with this being said though, the world is growing as there are currently 365 million users who utilize their mobiles in order to game. Compared to previous years, the stats from 2015 are less than impressive.

Mobile Gaming in China: The Statistics

Stats for this particular market have been gathered for quite some time, as the idea was gaming via a mobile was going to become a huge market with a lot of room for growth as the years progressed. The following are the stats starting with 2013:

  • During the first quarter of 2013, the number of mobile gamers was up by 120% throughout China
  • During the first quarter of 2014, there were 325 million mobile gamers throughout China, showing a growth rate of around 90%
  • Fast forward to 2015, the first quarter saw growth that was around 12%

The graph below showcases the mobile gaming growth in China:

mobile gaming in China

Chart courtesy of BI Intelligence

The growth that was seen during 2013 was attributed to many factors, including the fact that app developers and gaming companies were eager to make a name for themselves in a market that was not as popular, but had tons of room for advancing. During 2013, there were approximately 93 million citizens who were gamers.

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Why the Decrease in Mobile Gaming in China?

The main question that is being asked by most people, is why has mobile gaming become something that not as many people are doing? Is it a matter of time? Are devices not functioning at a high enough standard to allow for seamless gaming? These are all important aspects that have been mentioned from time to time. However, most professionals are blaming the slowdown of smartphones that are being shipped to China. According to the IDC, shipments of smartphones to China and surrounding areas, has seen its first slow down during the first quarter of 2015, a huge surprise to many.

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Despite this fact, the mobile gaming world is confident that they will still have dominance in the Chinese market. According to a press release by Niko Partners, Lisa Cosmas Hanson, the Managing Partner and founder stated:

“We believe that games become popular because they fill a void for gamers. It is important to evaluate what voids there are in Chinese culture, and then match game development to those as well as to the gamer behavior and characteristics of a good mobile game in a popular genre.”

The company does believe that 2015 will be a great year for mobile gaming, ensuring China bypasses the United States, the leading country for mobile gaming.

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