The Issues Seen with Online Shopping in 2014


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Online shopping is becoming the way in which Chinese consumers can get the goods that they want and need. However, new research has been done that showcases there were several issues with online shopping during 2014, something that major online platforms need to be aware of so that they are not repeating their mistakes. Last year alone, there were around 78,000 complaints give to authorities on online shopping. This was an increase of 356.6% from earlier years.

Complaints with Online Shopping

Complaints can range from anything. A person may be upset that the product they received is not what they expected, or there may be issues with the quality of products that people are purchasing. However, a big portion of the complaints with online shopping is coming from those who have been taken by the counterfeits that are out there. According to the State Administration of Industry and Commerce, last year of all the goods examined, only 58.7% were found to be authentic.  Meaning that more than likely those who shop online frequently have purchased a counterfeit item, more than likely unknowingly.

These complaints are nothing new, but it does seem that these complaints are increasing in frequency. This could be to more turning to online shopping for the first time, or due to more and more retailers turning to the online shopping world, as it does reach a much wider audience.

How to Stop Online Shopping Complaints

So what can be done in order to stop online shopping complaints? This is the question that many people are asking. The Standing Committee’s vice chairwoman, Yan Junqi, she has recommend that look at the Supreme People’s Court should look at laws, specifically the Chinese Consumer Protection Law. In addition, Junqi stated:

“…ignoring consumers’ rights and selling counterfeits are very prominent in the online shopping industry.”

Junqi also emphasized how important it was for retailers who partner with consumers associations to ensure that the counterfeit issue is being tackled. However is it this easy?

Most companies are already partnering with various consumer associations to ensure that they are not missing out on important consumer relationships. Many companies are also doing their best to battle counterfeits, through constantly monitoring what is going on with their products and trying to find the counterfeiters, as well as warn consumers what the true product will look like.

China Consumers’ Association, header of the lawyer group, Qiu Baochang, stated:

“We have asked officers to update their knowledge of the law and how the online industry works including means of payment, to catch up with the pace at which e-commerce is developing.”

Online shopping is quickly becoming the way to shop in China. However, it is an expanding market that is different from day to day. It is important that the law keeps up with these changes and protect the Chinese consumers who are using this as their method of shopping.

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