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The digital world in China is one of the most successful digital markets in the world. It is a market in which many companies strive to get into in order to increase awareness of their brand. This is what the Star Alliance has in mind with their latest digital campaign. The Star Alliance is comprised of 28 airlines which include Air China, Shenzhen Airlines, EVA Air, United, and Lufthansa. The network hopes that with their new digital campaign that they can help international travelers with all their needs, whether traveling on business or for personal reasons.

The New Digital Campaign

The new campaign that Star Alliance is offering to the market is entitled “You Make a Difference”. The campaign is meant to target those who are considered frequent flyers who travel internationally, along with their close friends, colleagues and family members.

The idea is that with this campaign in place, not only is Star Alliance getting more attention as people are looking to them since they are traveling internationally, but it is meant to be a way for those who do use the Star Alliance to speak up and let others know about their experience, or simply about the destination they are heading to.

How the Campaign will Work

To participate, the person needs to only send a Thank You message via WeChat to another traveler. For example, someone from China may send their colleague who traveled with them to the United States a Thank You for their help on presenting their marketing campaign to a company. From there, the person who receives the Thank You is going to pick the Star Alliance company that they want to receive credit for.

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The person will then be entered to win the Star Alliance Gold Status, and can then connect with Elite Gathering groups. Those who send their Thank You messages can enter to win the Star Alliance “Round the World” trips, if they are interested.

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Why This Campaign Will Work

Many people may not truly value what Star Alliance is doing here, but it is really ingenious. Social networks are often the easiest way for those who travel to stay connected with others who may or may not be traveling with them. For example, the father away from home may utilize WeChat to talk to his wife, while two workers traveling together may utilize instant messaging apps to keep in contact while they are in a foreign country and are not together. The director of loyalty and marketing for Star Alliance, Mark Davies, stated:

“…social channels are the best to reach frequent travelers [in China]. In this culture, they’re more believable than other more traditional advertising channels.”

It seems that this philosophy is what Star Alliance is backing their new digital campaign with, and it is an idea that is going to help the company to succeed in an otherwise stressful market.

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