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Social media has always been a method for people to stay connected with one another, as well as a method for staying on top of the latest news throughout the country. However, within the last few years, social media has taken a turn. Social media is now becoming the main way in which people try out new businesses, their chosen method for communicating with friends and loved ones, and has also become a huge way to gain interest in general civil issues.

A new project by Kantar has shown that social media is only going to keep increasing in the years to come. The below chart showcases how social media users have changed within the course of a year.

Chart courtesy of

Chart courtesy of

Social media users are classified into four different categories:

  • Ultras: Those who use social media whenever they can, often described as being addicted or very dependent on social media
  • Regulars: Those who have a scheduled time for accessing their social media accounts, like during lunch, after dinner or the like
  • Dippers: Those who utilize social media occasionally in order to find out a specific idea or to complete a specific task
  • Detachers: They see social media as dispensable, therefore rarely use this

From 2013 to 2014, the number of Ultra users went from 29.4% to 31.7%, showing that social media users are becoming more dependent upon the various social media channels that are out there. The number of dippers and regulars decreased, as more of these people became Ultras.

This interest in social media showcases just how Chinese consumers are using these platforms as a way to get all of their information. It means that those who are not using social media could be missing out on the latest information, but it also shows the potential for businesses who have yet to enter to the Chinese social media market.

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