The Startup Companies to Watch Out for in China


startup companies

There are several startup companies in China that people need to be watching, as they could be the next best thing in the Chinese market. Several of these companies are known by those who take an interest in China business. However, they are expanding into other markets, to ensure that they are going to be seen throughout the globe.

  1. Xiaomi

There are several people who utilize Xiaomi products, which makes sense as they are the largest Chinese smartphone market. And they are also considered one of the most valuable companies throughout the world. Thankfully, the company is expanding and starting up their business in several new markets.

  1. Meituan

This company is similar to Groupon from the United States. On its own the company was not doing too well in the Chinese market. However, now that they have managed to combine with Dianping, they are seeing more appreciation for what they are going to be doing. The company will be helping Chinese consumers with getting local deals, as well as booking restaurants. The startup company is so impressive that it is rumored that Tencent is investing into the company.

  1. VANCL

This clothing line is one that was fairly popular. However, as more and more companies have started selling online, the company has seen some of their value decrease. However, they are still a startup company to be on the lookout for, as they are likely to make a huge comeback.

  1. me

This app is one that is taking Chinese consumers by storm. It allows for Chinese consumers to order food via this app and have it delivered. It has 40 million users and is available to be used in 250 cities throughout China. And the hope is that this company just continues to grow in the future.

  1. Koudai Shopping

This app makes shopping easy, as a consumer who has this downloaded can look at WeChat and Weibo for items that businesses may be selling. He or she can then click on this ad and be delivered to where they can buy this. It is one way to get the consumer and the merchant closer together. The app is a huge success, and is continuing to grow.

Though these companies were once thought of as ideas that were never going to go anywhere. They have proven everyone wrong. They received financial backing from other companies, grew their presence online, and started to integrate with Chinese consumers. They are examples of how successful startup companies can be when they are in China.

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