The Success of Platinum Guild International In China



The Success of the Promise Campaign

Through it’s ‘PROMISE’ campaign on ‘I love you day’ in China, Platinum Guild International was able to develop a digital ecosystem spanned Weibo, WeChat, Youku, and media partner websites: iJie, OnlyLady and Elle. It was successful in driving awareness and buzz for PGI’s products during “wedding season” leveraging conversations around celebrity couples Jordan Chen, Cherrie Ying, He Zi Ming and He Jie, through a series of viral videos, PC and mobile app user generated content engagements.

Using the  ‘Ecosystem’

PGI rolled out celebrity love stories across Weibo through videos, teasers and everyday vignettes, and used techniques to drive buzz and sharing across the popular social network. On  PGI’s WeChat posts created exponentially more engagement than Weibo through deeper content and mobile engagements. And videos were amplified across China’s top video social platform: Youku.

PGI successfully engaged with their target groups by choosing the right fashion and wedding media partners to host campaigns and UGC engagements.  By identifying and collaborating with celebrities, such as Jordan Chen, Cherrie Ying, He Zi Ming and He Jie, the company was able to  put across  different promotion content and inspirational stories to drive interaction among China’s ever growing web users and browsers. And there were of course key opinion leaders who helped to amplify the campaign the best through popular photography and fashion media accounts.

For More Information

The PGI have published a report on their campaign as well as work in China which you can buy. If you are unable to get answers from this, or you need need additional data, or a quick insight to help round out your team’s understanding, the company’s  China social media experts are available to consult and support you and your team in the understanding and eventual application of reported top global brand strategies across China digital and social media. They can help with  clarifying or expanding sections of the report, get additional data on any part of PGIs reports, as well summarize or apply the report’s findings to your brand. Once you have bought the report simply visit to ask their experts questions.

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