Tiffany Campaigns Towards Chinese Consumers


Tiffany and Company, bespoke New York City jeweller and key to many great romances, is reaching out to Chinese consumers in a distinctly different way. Unlike in the Western media, it is presenting its iconic key in China as the image of the women who unlocked her own potential, and is proud of it. Such a women does not wait for men to woo her with fine jewellery. What she wants, she buys herself.

Different Tiffany Cues for Different Cultures

In New York, London and fine European cities shoppers throng the brand’s own custom-built emporiums, although they may also order by direct mail if distant from an urban hub. “Each Tiffanyculture has its own cues and what resonates in one culture doesn’t necessarily resonate in another,” one commentator says.

The hub of the marketing campaign to woo Chinese consumers is video, but video with a difference. The clips feature two iconic Chinese women, one an actress, one a model.

There are no subtitles and not a whiff of YouTube. If you want to view them, your rendezvous is with the Chinese social media.

A Unique Story-Line Ensures Tiffany’s Success

There is not a sniff of direct marketing either. Instead, each woman tells her own unique story of how she unlocked the keys to her success. Groupies will be delighted to follow up on invitations to click on images of personal possessions, for an insight into what makes them special. These could be letters, photographs, a camera, a boarding pass, or an exquisite piece of jewellery.

Superb Marketing Unlocks Chinese Consumers Hearts

Tiffany’s campaign resonates in the hearts of Chinese women hoping to unlock their own potential, and achieve their heartfelt desires. It suggests single, independent women buy its jewellery as an affirmation of their success. It cannot be long before the young, ambitious set in China reach out for Tiffany jewellery, and claim the right to own it as a badge of feminine independence.

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