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Tmall, a part of the Alibaba Group, is considered to be one of the largest business to consumer platforms out there. It has around 302 million Chinese consumer who use the platform as a method for buying goods. It makes sense for overseas companies to want to utilize the platform to reach a wider audience, and this is exactly what Royal Mail, located out of Britain hopes to achieve with joining Tmall.

Royal Mail has not given a specific date for when they will be joining the Tmall store front, but they have said that it will be in April. The idea with the store front is that this will connect retailers and exporters in the Britain area with those in China who wish to do business together. The idea is that these businesses are going to get a larger consumer base, that would otherwise be hard to do, as these small and medium sized businesses do not have the necessary tools to do this on their own.

Royal Mail, as being the middle man in these situations will receive commission off of the sales that happen, as well as the revenue they will earn for shipping these items through their company to China.

Royal Mail has stated that when it comes to British goods online, China is the biggest international consumer they have.

Chinese consumer purchase 25% of goods from the British that are purchased online

Already, Royal Mail is stating that Brompton Bicycles, based out of Britain, will be joining with their store to provide their foldable bikes to the Chinese market. The collaboration that Royal Mail is going to offer with the help of the Tmall platform, is going to be hugely beneficial to British companies, and will also provide more selection for Chinese consumers. It is a situation that is going to greatly benefit all parties involved.

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