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For those in China, specifically in Beijing, they are privileged to one of the newest B2C platforms that is coming out of the minds of Alibaba. In particular, Tmall has announced their new same day shipping on grocery items for those who are located in Beijing. The promotion is running three times a day via the Tmall Supermarket. For those who purchase groceries via this route, they are could get the chance to win the ‘red packet’ which will subsidize their purchases. This promotion is set to end at the end of July.

Grocery purchases online is growing in popularity, as people are busy and they simply want to have everything delivered to them, rather than battling the crowds that are often found in brick and mortar grocery stores. Alibaba is jumping on this chance to increase their market value in China with offering online grocery services.

40% of Chinese consumers have purchased food online

This percentage of food purchases online shows that there is a need for this within the market, and this is why Alibaba and Tmall are providing these services. The demand for such services is expected to rise as more and more people are turning to the online world to meet their shopping needs.

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For those who take advantage of this new offering by Tmall, in order to get the groceries delivered to their home in the same day, the order must be placed before 11 AM. Tmall will be utilizing Alibaba’s data and shipping platforms as a way to ensure that they can succeed with this venture. Plans for the future include getting same day grocery shipping out to Shanghai and other Chinese cities where there seems to be a need for this.

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The delivery process started today, and it is expected to be highly successful. Customers love having the ability to get the items they want in records amount of time. Which is one of the reasons why ecommerce in China is more successful than it is in other areas throughout the world.

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