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The wine business in China is thought to be one industry that is going to see exponential growth within the next few years. Why is this? More vineyards are wanting to offer their wines in China, as they find that the Chinese consumers who enjoy a good wine are increasing.

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With this being said, the thought of the wine industry expanding in China is being confirmed by most people as Alibaba is already getting their presence into this category. They launched the Tmall Vineyard Direct on the first of September. The first flagship store to open on the Tmall Vineyard Direct program is the Robert Mondavi Wines.

According to Gary Clubb, the head of the international business development with

“We are honored that Robert Mondavi, one of the most reputed wine brands in the US and in the world, has chosen Tmall as the exclusive online platform to grow their business in China.”

Through working directly with wineries Alibaba is going to be able to see some great benefits that are going to be passed to the consumer. For one, it allows for a healthier supply chain to be utilized. Something that has been a concern over the past few years, with several brands finding their China stock of wine was too large, while others could not meet the demands of the Chinese consumer market.

In addition, a winery that works with Tmall Vineyard Direct program are going to see some great marketing opportunities that they may have otherwise missed or not qualified to utilize. Many of the businesses who utilize Tmall are finding extensive success with social media marketing, something that Alibaba fully encourages businesses to use, and also takes this an extra step through offering data analytic capabilities and insights into consumers that brands may not know otherwise.

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