Tmall’s biggest competitor launches “hunger game”


In the battle for e-commerce food supremacy, 1haodian has been causing Tmall a headache with a campaign that quite literally creates ‘hunger”.

As part of their now famous mimicry of Tmall’s commercial promotion day, key competitor 1haodian has created “foodie day” (饿货节) to take on Tmall’s “food obsessive” (吃货节) day.

In a pattern of ‘one-upmanship’ that is now starting to dominate netizen life, 1haodian has been chipping away at becoming the go-to food food specialist, as Tmall becomes a more a more wider lifestyle-based e-commerce platform, facing intense competition from, particularly in the area in the area of electronics and household appliances.

As Tmall develops more e-stores within its mega e-store proposition, it becomes more vulnerable to competition.

Taking advantage of this is 1haodian, by emphasising its food credentials in a very salivating way.

Using a HTM5, users are exposed to a enthusiastic mouth eating, they are then asked to guess from the lips, and mastication process – what they are eating?  Noodles, milk or ‘eating nothing’.

We like it, a cheeky way to dial-up your food credentials.
See below our translations of ‘how the campaign works’.


1haodian asking netizens to “guess what I am eating”


You guessed right? I was drinking milk


You are right again! I am chewing chewing-gum

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