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TripAdvisor is a globally recognized company, but has made some changes within China. The travel sector in China is a part of the market that is not suffering much. Six years ago, TripAdvisor started in China through their company called Daodao. Three months ago, TripAdvisor was talking about their strategy in China. The CEO Steven Kaufer stated:

“In China, it is a huge market. It remains a fast-growing market. It is super, ultra-competitive. And, when we look at our efforts to date, we have to acknowledge a ton of hard work by the team… [but]We’re not winning in the way that we wish to…”

Due to the changes that TripAdvisor feels need to be made, the company has ended their ownership of Kuxun, which was a travel site based in Beijing. Kuxun was purchase by Meituan, though the terms of the deal is not well known.

The Changes Coming for TripAdvisor to China

Chinese consumers like TripAdvisor as they find that they can find great deals with international travel. However, the company feels that they have more to offer for everyone, including those who are traveling into China. There are going to be several changes made to their website. Those who frequent this websites are already noticing a few small changes, but there are more to come according to the CEO. The exact changes are not being released, but many have speculated it is going to be easier than ever to look through TripAdvisor and then go ahead and plan your trip.

China and Travel

China is known for their travel sector, among other markets in the country. With this being said, the travel industry in China is expanding. More and more people are not only traveling to China, but several Chinese consumers are taking the time to travel out of China for business and for pleasure. This has led to an increase in the travel industry, and one that every business is trying to take advantage of.

Learn more about the travel sector in China, here.

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