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When people consider buying goods online, they often think this e-commerce sale will take place via one of the two online shopping giants, Alibaba or However, the online shopping world in China is more than just these two platforms. Many companies are finding it just as good of an investment to start their own website in China, and have their own shopping platform online. Two of the companies who are receiving tons of attention for doing so are a local Chinese businesses, Charles Philip Shanghai, and Pedder Red.

Charles Philip Shanghai Pushes into Ecommerce Market

Though the company could have went with a number of online platforms available, it chose to go their own route. The company is best known for their loafer types of shoes that are often decorated in a flashy way. Chinese shoppers, especially those who want shoes that are advertised by celebrities like Rihanna and Jessica Alba, flock to these stylish loafers.

Charles Philip Shanghai worked with TLG Commerce and developing their own online shopping platform via their two websites. One website is for global consumers, while the other is based for Chinese shoppers. The company has plans of integrating their online shops with QQ, allowing for Alipay and marketing via WeChat.

Pedder Red Takes to the Ecommerce Market

Pedder Red, another shoe brand that has their aims on young shoppers has taken their shoe line to the online shopping market. Specifically they are offering purchases to consumers in Hong Kong, Singapore and Macau. These shoppers are able to get free shipping online, and also qualify for free returns, which makes buying shoes online even easier.

According to the president of the Pedder Group, Peter Harris:

“It is with great enthusiasm that we launch, extending our brand access from our store network to the wider world of omni-channel retailing, connecting to our existing and new audiences, continuously growing the Pedder Red community of shoe lovers.”

However, Pedder Red is not yet available to mainland Chinese shoppers online. The company has made a few remarks that are making many people think that they plan to change this as soon as possible.

The Big Question: Why Not Use Ecommerce Platforms

The big question that everyone is asking is why are these shoe makers not using the likes of Alibaba, or some other shopping platform? Why are they doing this on their own website rather than utilize a shopping platform that has seen high rates of success? The two companies have yet to come out and state why they are making this move rather than using established ecommerce sites, however, there are several reasons that could be given.

The two companies may be wanting to ensure that they are not falling victim to counterfeits, as many products on the Alibaba ecommerce sites are being counterfeited. Two, the companies may feel that having their products on these markets would make for too much competition, as the two companies are readily established in China and already have a dedicated following of consumers.


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