A typical WeChat Day, according to WeChat


Recently, WeChat has created what a day with the phone-app means. The extent that super popular app has impacted the lives of Chinese consumers has been well documented by media in China, and abroad.

Many reports and posts has tried to capture this with versions of ‘A WeChat day in the life’ – listing the times and occasions can be leveraged to solve and improve life.

Now Tencent, WeChat’s owner, has taken this to the next level by producing a video that shows a cartoon character spending a ‘perfect day’ with WeChat.

In terms of an intuitive ways to understand the levels of convenience and interactivity that WeChat is providing Chinese consumers everyday. While WeChat has struggled to gain a foothold outside of China, it has become an intimate part of digital life for local consumers.

Life without WeChat would be considered almost unbearable.
Let’s take a look at a day in the life with WeChat below.

WeChat Moments – Always a Moment to Look or Share

20160629_A Typical WeChat Day 1

What wakes up Chinese people early in the morning is no longer an alarm clock, but the WeChat Moments. While still lying on bed, WeChat obsessed users start their day by reviewing their WeChat friends’ updates, of what they did and where they went. Similar to Facebook, the Moment posts can be text, image, or a good combination of both.

WePay – Conveniently Buying Breakfast

20160629_A Typical WeChat Day 2In a rush and forget to bring wallet? See how a WeChat user deals with it to buy his breakfast. First of all, select his favorite morning set of sandwich and coffee. Then, take out mobile phone and scan the QR code. And boom, it is done, as simple as that. The wide WePay network not only covers the chain stores, but also extends to street stalls, which makes life really convinient.

WeChat Accounts – Informative Reading to Kill Time

20160629_A Typical WeChat Day 3

While stuck in the commuting bus to work, the white collars are offered a better way to kill time- numerous WeChat accounts providing weekly posts on all sorts of topics. Like a condensed e-magazine, WeChat satisifies different reading appetites.

WeChat Groups – Effectively Communicating in Groups20160629_A Typical WeChat Day 4

Another fascinating function to capture Chinese social habits is the WeChat groups. It perfectly fulfills Chinese people’s need on the privacy of their social circles. The WeChat contacts can be grouped in work team, game team, or travel team to gather people sharing the same interest.

WeChat Games – Enjoying the Leisure Time

20160629_A Typical WeChat Day 8

Far more than a messaging tool, the massively popular APP made itself more exciting by imbedding games. Within WeChat, users can have multiple game selection from easy to difficult, and see who else is playing the same game. And there will be instant ranking among WeChat friends based on the performance in the game, just another reason for WeChat obsessors to stay up late.

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