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Controlled and owned by Tencent, Peng You is becoming a popular social network for Chinese citizens to utilize. The company claims to have over 200 million active users. The idea behind Peng You is to allow users to have their real names posted, so there are real relationships taking place.

The Peng You social media platform is meant to be in direct competition with RenRen

What makes Peng You so unique is the fact that it does encourage honesty and citizens to utilize their real name.

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Though many look at social media as a platform that younger generations are using, Peng You was originally developed as a way for adults to connect with those who may have similar interests or went to the same school.

It should be noted that Peng You was formerly known as Xiaoyou. The reason for the development of Peng You was to allow for users to have something that was similar to RenRen. However, even though this was developed on a nice platform, it still is not as popular as RenRen.

Businesses can also use Peng You, despite the fact this is mostly geared as an individual platform. However, businesses are utilizing this as a way to advertise their products or services. Or for more established businesses to connect with consumers to notify them of new sales or the like.

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