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A new partnership has been reached between Alibaba and Unilever. This will enable Unilever the ability to reach a wider audience across China, as they will be using whatever resources Alibaba has at their disposal for shipping needs and getting the product onto the e-commerce market.

About Unilever

Unilever is one of the leading businesses that is devotes themselves to providing for the health and wellbeing of citizens throughout the world. The company has a multitude of brands that are from the Unilever name including:

  • Lipton
  • Knorr
  • Axe
  • Dove
  • Omo
  • Hellmann’s
  • Pureit
  • Suave
  • Blue Band

The company has over 400 brands that they offer throughout the world, including China. The business has been on the market since the 1880’s., founded by the Lever Brothers with their first product “Sunlight Soap”, which revolutionized hygiene and cleanliness in Victorian England.

Where the Agreement Helps Unilever

Now that Unilever and Alibaba have partnered together, Unilever is going to see the ability to better meet the needs of Chinese consumers. Alibaba is going to be able to provide rural areas with Unilever products, as well as cross-border e-commerce opportunities for Unilever. The company already has some foothold in China, as they did start a small Tmall store five years ago. With the new agreement though, Unilever is going to see greater chances of reaching more Chinese consumers. The goals of this partnership are:

  • Reach more rural channels with better distribution channels from Alibaba
  • Provide the best Unilever products the company has to offer on their global Tmall storefront
  • Optimize their digital advertising strategy with the help of Alimama, an online marketing business of Alibaba’s
  • All Unilever products will have the Alibaba’s Blue Star program that will enable consumers to know they are buying authentic Unilever products
  • To develop innovations in their supply chain

Having authentic products out there, that consumers can ensure they are getting is very important to the Chinese consumer. Read more about counterfeit products with: Counterfeit Goods Online Affecting Chinese Consumers.

Alibaba’s Chief Executive Officer Daniel Zhang stated:

We look forward to building on our success in sales over the years and taking the collaboration to the next level.

Unilever is having their Unilever Week on Tmall soon, which is going to celebrate the partnership that has been agreed upon with Alibaba. Read more about this event here.

Marijn Van Tiggelen, the North Asia President of Unilever stated:

In cooperation with Alibaba, Unilever can provide more convenient services to consumers in China.

All in all, the partnership is going to be beneficial to both parties. Not only will Unilever reap the benefits of having all the tools of Alibaba at their disposal to ensure they are providing quality products to Chinese consumer, but Alibaba will see their presence on a global perspective heightened.

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