UnionPay brings Chinese families together in digital campaign


To celebrate the Children’s Day in this June, Unionpay launched an all-dimensional online campaign of ’62 Children’s Day’, making it a national holiday for all aged groups, not just kids. The campaign encouraged consumers to use Unionpay Quick Pass by offering decent discount, and the it would continue for the entire month.

Themed with the keywords of playing(玩翻天), eating(吃到爽) and shopping(购出彩), Unionpay designed a series of playful posters presenting different ways for the whole family to spend time togeter. With the bright-colored background, the family dress like Indian gourmets devouring exotic foods, role play as pirates adventuring for the desired items in the dazzling world, or even fly with imaginary wings just for fun.


Other than that, Unionpay produced count-down commercials to remind consumers six days earlier with lovely life scenes and amusing dialogues between parents and their kid.

When it comes to digital channel, Unionpay HTML5 campaign made WeChat become really socializing. It required two smartphones to log in the HTML5 page synchronically and touched each other then to get integrated images. After five seconds of GIF posters, each one could get a red bag of random value. The interaction not only connected the brand and users, but also brought users together. The content echoed the format quite well, talking about how Unionpay bring family together.


What we think of the campaign?

  • It fits in the holiday vibe by centering acound the little princes and princesses. Since the enforcement of one-child policy, kids are becoming more important to a family. Especially in the special days such as Children’s Day, the kids can literally have whatever they want. The campaign featured with lovely family scenes and fun kids’ talk to create buzz.
  • The all dimensional campaign covering outdoors,online commercials and WeChat HTML 5 captures consumers in different moments when they take metro, watch a vedio or swipe their phones. It creates anticipations impresses the viewers profoundly by talking consistent topics in multiple channels.
  • The HTML 5 creatively leveraged the sharing and socializing features of WeChat. Unionpay makes the HTML 5 a collaborative game to bring two friends together, interacting not only with users, but also among users.


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As a Masters graduate of Foreign Trade, Tracy started her career helping supermarket brand City Shop to source the ‘hunger’ of Shanghai’s internationalizing consumers. Now that she has found her passion in consumer research, she is helping develop Resonance's ground-breaking ethnographic offer.

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