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JingDong or JD.com, aside from announcing their college idea as a way to market their platform for more businesses, also announced that they have managed to launch an official flagship store for Uniqlo. Uniqlo is a Japanese fashion brand that began in 1984. The first store was opened in Hiroshima, Japan, but the brand has evolved to become a dominant brand throughout the world. JD.com opened the flagship store on April 17th.

Having a flagship store is just one way in which Uniqlo is going to continue to grow in the Chinese market, after dominating other markets around the globe. A flagship store ensures that customers know they can trust the quality of clothing coming from the store, and feel more comfortable with shopping with the store.

Reportedly, JD has opened up a warehouse in Shanghai that is devoted to storing the clothing options for Uniqlo. This is going to all Chinese shoppers to get these clothing items in record times. In many cases, they are saying that within 6 hours, a person could get delivery of their item.

For JD, being able to land such a globally dominating brand is going to help the overall platform, that has recently started to flourish among Chinese consumers. In addition, consumers are going to be thrilled as the popularity for Uniqlo items have been skyrocketing. Their stock price shows a huge increase in the last three months.

uniqlo chart

This price will continue to increase as Uniqlo makes its home on JD.com marketplace. It is a move that is going to benefit both companies tremendously as they work to cement their place in the online market.


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