Taobao’s multi-phone H5 “Everyone is a Creator”


Recently, Taobao, one of China’s leading C2C sites, launched a new H5 mobile campaign to challenge young consumers to think about H5 in a new way.  Usually H5 are included as part of a brand’s WeChat account – adding additional levels of interaction and gamification to users.

However, they are used by individual users – here, Taobao makes H5 interactive!!
Take a look below, as SMART@Resonance’s Cherry Han explains the campaign, from her perspective as a Post-90s Chinese consumer.

Creative Festival

In order to promote its latest 3-day offline event, “Creative Festival”, from July 22nd to July 24th in Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center, Taobao launched this H5 to create a level of awareness and excitement among its consumers.

The festival is designed for the young Chinese, especially post-90s, to celebrate and showcase their creativity to the world. It is organised into three themes; Technology, Arts and Originality – which form three different themes and challenges within the H5 campaign.

If it was a normal H5, it should look like this on an individual phone


However, Taobao combines H5 across different phones

As long as you get two other friends to play the H5 with you, you can successfully get the full H5. Each of you act as one of the three themes of the festival. And once you go through the whole H5 with your friends, you will get a chance to win the festival ticket at a third of the original price.

Three of friends can play different themes on your phone – social H5

It’s not just about technology, but the content

Through the campaign, users could co-ordinate their content, to create a combined story with two of their friends.  By redefining H5, Taobao was able to communicate with its young consumers.

Facing with the most ‘want-to-be-heard’ generation–post-90s’, the campaign wisely uses their tone to ‘release the most independent and bold announcement’ for them. If you are a Chinese post-90s, like me, once you read through the words, you will have the same feelings:

“Gosh, this guy really knows me!”
Three phones of friends combined together!


The creation comes from being playful and instinctive together


Exploring the edge of creativity together through the H5


I need to let the whole world see what we have created, because EVERYONE IS A CREATOR!

As a generation that grew up without brothers and sister – as part of the one-child policy, consumers value highly the relationships with their close friends, who become like ‘brothers’ and ‘sisters’.

Taobao’s H5 does a great job of creating a social element to H5 extensions to digital campaigns, – we see this as a new trends, that will strengthen, and become increasingly sophisticated.

Want to learn more about the post-90s, read our analysis here

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Cherry Han

Cherry Han is a Consumer Research Specialist at Resonance. Graduating from Newcastle University, with a Masters degree in Media and Public Relations, she has more recently set her sights to deciphering the behavior of Chinese netizens – particularly her fellow post-90s.

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