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Looking at Chinese social media and its effect on consumers one year ago, would have been all about Weibo. Weibo was the platform that most designers utilized in order to get their new clothing lines out to consumers, to stay in touch with those who are devoted fans of the line, and the like. However, fast forward to today and you will find that more designers are utilizing WeChat. WeChat has become the most popular messaging services that Chinese consumers are utilizing in order to keep up to date on what is happening.

It is not only major brands that are using WeChat, such as Burberry, Louis Vuitton’s and Gucci, but there are also several lowered named designers just starting on the market that are looking to reach an audience as well.

So why are fashion companies and designers rushing to utilize WeChat in China? This has to do with all the features that WeChat offers, making it easy for fashion photographs to become an instant hit or to become dismissed. For example, the “like” feature of a photo allows users to communicate if a new shirt, dress, or the like is something the person finds adorable or hates.

From here, fashion designers can alternate their lines, learn what consumers really like and want. And then be prepared for the demand on certain items that go to the sales front. Many fashion designers are also linking their stores with their WeChat account, so consumers can find the clothes they are seeing with ease and even pay for these online.

WeChat is revolutionizing the way that fashion designers are able to connect to their audience, which is working out for these designers as they are learning what makes it and what does not make it with their audience. WeChat has around 500 million users, and this is putting fashion brands into direct contact with the masses.

To point out just how WeChat is helping fashion designers, look at Leaf Greener. A WeChat style magazine was launched, called “LEAF”, that has allowed her to connect with even more fans. The magazine is a huge success, and is one idea that many designers may be thinking about duplicating for their own brand.

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