WeChat for Windows Upgrades


The WeChat mobile text and voice messaging communication service for Windows developed by Tencent for China social media netizens just got its biggest upgrade ever, with raft of raft of new goodies to entertain. When its spokesperson put the word out ‘WeChat for Windows upgrades: expect great changes’ who would have guessed there was so much in store?

WeChat for Windows Upgrades: Expect Great Changes

The new version 1.5 comes hot on the heels of skype-style group video and voice introduced last week, and a desktop Windows version earlier this year. The latest additions are set to make the social media giant become exponentially more sociable than anybody without a crystal ball could ever have imagined.

Key Components of the WeChat for Windows Upgrades

WeChat’s Goodbye to Skype challenge allows push-button flicks between voice and video mode, and facilitates multiple threads in different windows for netizens with voracious social media appetites. Not content with that, it also provides history backups to Android devices. Very handy if you lose your phone or accidentally suffer a mega-delete. And when you tire of an account or group you can simply zap it from the top drop down menu. Other tweaks include:

  • Access to the stickers on your device
  • Editable group names
  • Group video calling (really cute!)
  • Support for enterprise accounts too

Did We Get the Changes We Expected?

Talk of WeChat for Windows upgrades, and expect great changes soon has been bubbling beneath the surface for some time. Earlier versions were primitive to say the least, and did not even allow for  voice. Tencent has moved it firmly into QQ’s territory (if owns them both) so it’s probably anybody’s guess what happens next.

I predict more WeChat for Windows upgrades. Expect great changes and I doubt you will be disappointed. Watch this space for more exciting social media news.

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