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WeChat is by far one of the most influential social media applications that is available in China. A study performed by Kantar, on the impact of social media in China, specifically focused on the difference between users and urban residents, is aiming to showcase just how WeChat, along with other social platforms, are affecting the citizens of China. The study utilized 60 cities, 100,000 respondents, along with 180 million urban residents to get the stats that have developed.

The dates for when the WeChat activity was tracked started on August 1, 2014 and lasted until November 15, 2014. There were a total of 17,993 posts that were tracked amongst 50 accounts that were subscription based. Total, there were 711,275,971 reads of the content that was posted.

In order to ensure accuracy with these results, the WeChat tracking index utilize the average reads on each post, the likes on these posts, weekly post frequency, article numbers, total reads and total likes.

When looking at the type of content that is being posted, which is getting highly noticed by consumers, posts that are related to the entertainment industry are getting higher ranks. In fact, the Entertainment posts account for 48.5% of total reads on WeChat. Following this category are:

  • Emotion related posts account for 21.0%
  • Health and Lifestyle posts account for 13.7%
  • Beauty and fashion accounts for 12.2%
  • News and Information account for only 4.6%

The complete infographic can be seen below, including which subcategories of these categories are the most influential for readers.

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Infographic courtesy of http://us.kantar.com/media/908826/0202-en-infographic-1950.pdf

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