WeChat: Why Consumers Love It


WeChat is a product of Tencent Holdings, and was launched in 2011. Since then, the social media app has become highly popular, with many e-commerce platforms utilizing this app to encourage product purchases and the like. Before the app was called WeChat, it was referred to as Weixin. It became WeChat once it hit the international market, and has become one of the most globally recognized messaging apps out there.

What WeChat Offers

This social media app offers several features to it, which is why this has become popular with users. In order to better understand what this app is offering the market, let’s take a look at some of the key highlights of the app:

  1. Completely free: You cannot get any better than free. Unlike other types of messaging apps on the market, this app is completely free and there are no limits on what you can use this for…it’s all free!
  2. Integrates with Facebook: This is not considered an instant chat application, but it can be linked to Facebook accounts in order to access these types of features.
  3. Share numerous file types: Not only can you send a message to friends and contacts, but you can share videos, pictures, and even audio files.
  4. Allows for easy people finding: The Look Around features helps to connect you with those who are in the immediate area who are also using this app, and connect with strangers who may share similar interests.
  5. Allows for video calls: You can utilize this to make video calls to those who are in your friend’s list, which is a plus for those who may want to have a face to face conversation.

These are the most notable aspects of the app. However, there are also two fun features associated with WeChat which helps to make this one of the most notable messaging apps on the market. These features are:

  • Shake: For this feature, a person who shakes their phone, whether they do this intentionally or by accident, can immediately see who is also shaking their phones around the entire world. It is considered a fun way to kill some time.
  • Drift Bottle: With this feature, you throw a bottle into the “sea” with a message in it. This bottle can go to anyone in the world who is using the WeChat app. It makes for a fun adventure of finding new friends.

The WeChat Users

Source: http://www.statista.com/statistics/255778/number-of-active-wechat-messenger-accounts/

The user base has continuously increased over the years, and it looks as though these numbers will continue to increase as time goes on.

The era of WeChat is here, and it is becoming obvious that consumers are loving the WeChat application.

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