WeChat’s New Feature Enabled Location Based Marketing


While brands are celebrating the WeChat Moments Ads favoring to outreach customer segmentations among 549 million WeChat users, WeChat created one more reason for retailers to love it more– a new feature enabling local stores to target potential consumers in the same city, or even the same business districts.

Yesterday on September 21st, WeChat officially launched this new feature of location targeting added to their Moments Ads service, with which retail brands can promote an individual outlet and convert nearby online traffic into actual consumption. Compared with assumptive mass marketing, the geographic function bridges stores and consumers according to shared real places and unlocks sales opportunities by providing stronger motivation for an in-store visit.


WeChat added localization targeting feature on Moments Ad

How is this different?

The location-based advertisement on WeChat Moments appears no difference with regular ones combining of texts and images. However taking another close look, you will understand the trick – at the bottom of the advertisement attached with retailer’s location information of city and branch detail. Once clicking through, viewers will navigate to an introduction page, where they can get access to the outlet address, contact number, and business hours.

The convenience doesn’t stop there. If viewers are interested in visiting there, they will be directed to a GPS map for a walking path or get touch with the store beforehand with one more click on the address or the phone number.


Location based advertisement targeted on consumers sharing the same real place

What are the good things about the new feature?

This feature now covers more than 300 cities and 2,500 counties nationwide. More than that, WeChat provided up to 4,000 business districts to be more precise, meaning that local stores can have a more targeted exposure among the potential consumers nearby.

Moreover, WeChat develops a self-serve mechanism to allow more retailers’ initiative. They can decide on when the advertisement hits the street, which ensures a more efficient communication by avoiding invalid time slots for marketing such as non-working hours for a restaurant targeting on office workers nearby. Meanwhile, not restricted by a previous minimum 50,000 RMB budget limit for Moments Ads, small business owners can lower the marketing cost to 300 RMB per day.

Before the official launch, WeChat has served fifty clients as an internal test. A local catering chain featured with Xi’an delicacies benefited big from the localization-based Moments Ads advocating the open sales for their new released outlet in Xizhimen, Beijing. The new store enticed more than 290,000 potential visits, with 25,000 RMB marketing investment. Unsurprisingly, it beat other stores with 10% more traffic flow during the campaign days.


A local Xi’an catering chain benefited big from WeChat’s new feature

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