WeChat’s VIP & CRM functions


As WeChat continues to provide new and creative methods to encourage social followers to engage with brands, this social channel with 549 million monthly active users provides a diverse selection of functions. While WeChat’s online payment function (WeChat Wallet) is the most prevalent, the social instant messaging app also helps Coach, Michael Kors, Lancôme and Sephora integrate their VIP service embedded in their public accounts (see below). However, each brand is using the functions in a different way. For instance, Coach and Michael Kors are still on their early stage to attract new members which they use a lucky draw and discounts to draw attention while Lancôme and Sephora are already successfully have many members hence their services are more mature to a credit-redemption level.


how to enter member center from brands’ navigation menu: Coach, Michael Kors, Lancôme and Sephora (left to right)

In order to attract more WeChat followers to become Coach’s member, this American leather brand launched a lucky draw for new members to win a chance for their Swagger Bag (see below).


screenshot of Coach’s winner announcement for those becoming their members

Different from Coach, Michael Kors gives their new members 95% off discount and 100rmb voucher and allows them to access their previous purchase records.

michael kors member discount

QR codes 95% off and 100rmb voucher for check-out use

The French beauty brand, Lancôme, not only allows their WeChat members to check their current credits and member level but also invites them to directly redeem prizes with credits online. Moreover, Lancôme lets members track their purchased items and apply for free sample try-out.


screenshot of Lancôme redirecting users to their mobile site for credit redemption.

Even though Sephora only allows users to track their purchase credits and history like brands above, this French brand and chain of cosmetics stores founded in Paris is one of few brands allowing users to visit their ecommerce site by clicking photos in their WeChat messages.



screenshots of Sephora using WeChat messages to lead their social followers to their mobile site to complete purchase by clicking product photos.

Lastly, while WeChat is still attracting to Chinese netizens and growing bigger and bigger everyday, we should see more personal and more intuitive services being developed in the near future.

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