Weibo Has Stunning 2014


Weibo, the popular micro-blogging website in China, has released their 2014 financial information. During their fourth quarter, the company earned $17.2 million more than the same quarter in 2013, which was $15.4 million.

The company was able to raise their net revenue by 47% compared to prior years. Along with financial improvements, Weibo saw some drastic changes in their users. Weibo users are also increasing, as can be seen:

weibo users pie chart

Chart: Source

From a month to month analysis, Weibo saw an increase of 31%. For December 2014, the platform had 175.7 million users. On average, there were 80.6 million daily users. Compared to the data collected from 2013, this is a huge win for Weibo. See the chart below for their 2013 users on a monthly basis.

weibo monthly users chart

Chart: Source

With so many active users and accounts with the platform, the higher earnings come as no surprise. Weibo has stated mobile ads are bringing in around half of their total revenue. With their total net revenue being $334.2 million.

The Weibo ads are much similar to Facebook ads in which these are targeted the demographic the business has set forth to target. Therefore, ads run on the side of the platform which are of the greatest interest to the user.

weibo ads

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For 2015, people are expecting to see even more people utilizing Weibo for their social needs. Which means, the company should have another banner year approaching.

Recap of 2014

Weibo has a lot to be thankful for when it comes to 2014:

  • Net revenue of $334.2 million
  • Increase of 47% in terms of net revenue
  • User base has grown 31%

What comes next for Weibo? The platform intends to keep growing and expanding their offerings. It is clear they are doing something right, as they are a cherished social media platform for China.

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