What Do Chinese Customers Care About Most While Shopping Online?


onlineshoppingWhen Chinese customers are shopping online there are many aspects being taken into consideration about the products being viewed. However, for businesses offering products online, they must know what it is that these customers are caring about. It is only with this information that a business can cater specifically to their customer base.

 the most important aspect customers care about is the Country of Origin.

Why is Country of Origin so important to a consumer? Mainly because this country is going to tell the consumer four important aspects about the product:

1. The authenticity of the product
2. Showcases how the product is different from the competition
3. The standard of quality that goes into said product
4. The expertise behind the country of origin

In all the countries, China ranks as #9 of the top ten countries, showing the Country of Origin ideology is growing its influence with consumers. Such examples of this progression would be Lenovo electronic outperforming the rest of the market, and the overall increasing sales of electronics that are produced in China.

The Country of Origin is a huge factor shoppers are looking for when they are online. Those who buy China made products are associating the brand they want with the country of origin. For example, a person may only choose a certain brand of beauty products since it is produced in China. They associated China with this amazing beauty product, causing a win-win situation for everyone.

Chinese consumers are wanting products that have a country of origin that they respect and associated with quality products. These wants are driving the online shopping environment.

Consumers are willing to pay more, get less, and will not substitute products due to the country of origin.

Businesses who are wanting to brand themselves within China will find a country of origin is a must have. In order to do this, a business must be have a high quality product which attracts attention, and is going to bring a positive attitude for Chinese products. It is not a process that happens overnight, as it does take time to build this following of consumers.

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