What Price China Teen Power Now


Business Insider Australia published a post on June 4 – the anniversary of the Tiananmen massacre that was just too good to miss. This was about the latest antics of the fossils at Cyberspace Administration of China’s department of censorship, who seem intent on ridding the internet of its greatest asset, freedom of speech. It posed the interesting question of which will more powerful in the long run: the Chinese communist party or teen power lusting to be free.

Cyberspace Administration of China’s Latest Obsession

The Chinese censors have decided to ban certain words on the internet, and are apparently focusing on ones like hoobastank, meow, your mum, green eggs, howling monster and a few anglo-saxon words I will not mention because I am in polite company. As for the significance of the others, I suggest you visit Business Insider Australia to satisfy your curiosity, as I am not in a mood for an email from the corner office.

Teen Power Should Not Be Unlimited But …

This is not to say that I agree with pornography and violence on young people’s mobile screens. I just prefer the idea of parental example and wise council. Besides, we all know what happened when God said, “You can’t eat those apples because I banned them” (with apologies to organised religion). Adam and Eve did not always do what they were told and that applies to teen power too!

The More Serious Shadow Behind This

China seems intent on pushing out into the world from it once excluded itself with almost missionary zeal, and could yet become a powerful neo-colonialist force. Today, it seems content to clean up its own social media in order to ‘save its youth from the poisonous, corrupting influence of social media slang and internet predators’.

Two questions come to mind: how soon before teen power invents new ways to insult each other and chat about sex, and will China’s obsession with decorum become the joker in the pack when it comes to exchanging favours with the rest of us?

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