Who Does Alibaba Thank for Success?



Alibaba has always had success when it comes to online shopping. Has anyone ever wondered why this is? Why is it that a company who organically started as just an online shopping platform has expanded to invest into the electronics market, a soccer club, and even a film company? These types of investments are by no means easy or cheap. However, Alibaba has proven that they can take these investments and make them profitable for the company.

According to Jack Ma, the reason that Alibaba is so successful is thanks to women. Not only does Alibaba hire many women as staff members, but they accredit women for their success in selling products on the market.

Why Women are Responsible for Alibaba’s Success

Jack Ma stated that:

“Women think about others more than themselves.”

And it is with this thought that Alibaba feels that they are better able to serve the consumer market better. Women tend to think outside of the box, and it is this type of thinking that Alibaba wants, that way they can ensure that they are staying ahead of the competition.

With the various minds that are a part of Alibaba, they are doing everything that is possible in order to ensure that they are meeting the desire and needs of the great public of China. This is going to ensure that Chinese consumers know that they have choices when it comes to ordering products via Alibaba.

Alibaba Shoppers: Why Women are the Key

When a person thinks about online shopping, they do not necessarily think of women being the only ones who online shop. That is because men and women alike are utilizing online shopping platforms. However, Alibaba has studied their buyers and what is being purchased. They have found that smart savvy women looking for bargains are their major demographic. Consider all the products that Chinese shoppers are buying, and it is easy to see why women are often thought of as the majority buyers. For example, many luxury brands are selling their clothing, handbags and jewelry online, something that women are interested in. In addition, many baby products are purchased online by mothers from foreign companies.

Alibaba has had success, there is no doubt about that. Consider the fact that they broke their own records on Singles Day, and set a new record that no other country has been able to match. With this being said, as Alibaba continues to grow, they are going to continue to succeed as they have their target shopper in mind.

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