Who Drives Ecommerce and Social Media in China? Upper Middle Class Women


Social media and ecommerce are two big areas of interest for any business within China. And it seems businesses who are in this field have upper middle class women to thank for their success, as it is this demographic driving social media and ecommerce.

Research presented by SapientNitiro’s head of marketing for Asia Pacific found on average middle class women own 5 devices each, and the group is around 115 million strong with women aged between 25 and 35 years of age. Of this age group, 50% are mothers, 75% have graduated from college and 87% are employed. Showing that these women are a strong, intelligent and driven demographic to reach.

Annually,  this demographic is spending around $3tn in China.

In terms of social media, it seems whatever this group of women takes an interest in quickly becomes an interest of all those in the country. For example: these women brought about the trend of “Shai”, which means showing of luxury clothes, products and accessories online, showing how much you have spent, as well as being behind the “Human flesh search”, a group of vigilantes that started in 2006 and 2007.

For social media and ecommerce companies, the best idea for ensuring they make it in this tough economy, is to look at the upper middle class women and find out what they want, then deliver on it.

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