Why China Will Do $339 Billion Mcommerce Sales in 2015


Mcommerce sales in China include all retail transactions in smartphones, tablets and other mobile digital devices connected to the internet. The Emarketer research team thinks that the US$ value of these will pass 339 billion in 2015. That is a third of a billion, billion or a third of a trillion depending on how you like your numbers, and a pile of mcommerce sales in any language you choose.

Ecommerce Purchases on Mobile Close to 50%

The upward trend in China’s mcommerce sales – that are up 85.1% year-on-year – is a reflection of the increasing power of mobile. Emarketer thinks that by 2016 the smart set will use their smartphones to place orders for 10% of China’s total retail turnover. The pressure of consumer demand puts China’s mcommerce sales close to 450% greater than in the United States.

China’s Mcommerce Sales are Digitising Retail

The Asian giant’s retail market is outstripping the U.S. in terms of digital purchases, and in particular via mobile devices. According to Emarketer’s forecasting director Monica Peart, “An overwhelming majority mcommerce salesof China’s internet users now regularly access the internet via mobile phones.”

She goes on to compare China’s 87.4% majority with America’s 74.6% before adding, “The sheer number of mobile internet users pushes retail ecommerce activity towards mobile devices in a way that is not yet seen in the US.”

This may be because China’s Generation Z largely leapfrogged across desktops.

Global Mcommerce Sales Set to Continue Booming

Emarketer predicts that the tsunami of worldwide ecommerce retail will continue to propel mcommerce sales to even greater heights throughout the world. It thinks that digital buyers will account for 7.38% of global turnover by the end of 2015. This represents a massive demand for the latest mobile technology, a challenge for the mobile industry, and something to put a smile on the face of every mcommerce sales manager.

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