Why Willow Smith is great for Chanel in China?


French fashion house Chanel has chosen Willow Smith, daughter of Will Smith, as their new brand ambassador – this is great for the brand in China.

It was announced last Wednesday that Karl Lagerfeld has chosen 15 year old Willow Smith singer and fashion leader as their new brand ambassadress. Willow Smith, the daughter of Holllywood actors Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, and younger sister of Jaden Smith, represents a brave but inspired move by the brand. Willow has consistently been a pioneer in terms of her fashion expression and music production; both based on a form of post-modern eclecticism, symbolic of global pre-millennials.

For China, this will be a valuable collaboration that allows Chanel to better engage new luxury consumers, local consumers who use digital as their primary engagement with the category.

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Willow Smith Announces Her Partnership with Chanel

Why is Willow Smith good for Chanel in China?

  • Willow’s sense of fashion eclecticism closely relates to the styling of younger Chinese, which like local internet culture is built on a mishmash of global and local influences. The redefinition of style with luxury items presented in the context of Willow will undoubtedly create an entry point for many young Chinese experimenting and developing their sense of style.
  • The natural energy of a 15 year brand ambassador will bring more spontaneity and news worthiness to Chanel, at a time when Chinese fashion followers are using fashion news as the theme of key conversations on social networks. For example, at Chanel’s latest show, Willow was “kung fu” kicking in the front row, something that breaks down the tired image of runway shows.
  • As a pre-millennial digital native, Willow’s discussion of Chanel will be naturally seeded and spread in a digital format. In this context, her engagement with the brand will be perceived as more genuine, opposed to models or other celebrities whose images are more carefully managed.

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